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The Ultimate Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

It's no secret that I am a BIG fan of the holidays. In fact, every year I have at least a handful of friends message me about listening to Christmas music once November 1 rolls around. It's true - I am the girl throwing away the carved pumpkins while listening to "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" by NSYNC.

Judge if you must, but my love for the holiday season and desire to make it last as long as possible likely will never change. I love the lights, and the cold weather (although let's be honest...I live in California), and the songs, and the movies, and the holiday parties, and the feeling of being surrounded by family, and curling up next to the fireplace with my Let it Snow mug. I love it all.

What I don't love as much is the stress that can come during the holidays. Shopping for presents is undoubtedly a big contributor to this stress. So, I thought I'd try to help alleviate some of that stress (because you know stress is definitely not good for your health) by compiling some of my favorite ideas for healthy holiday gifts for your friends and family.

These are all things that I either have myself or would absolutely want as a gift (hint, hint Mom). Haha. Let me know in the comments if you think anything should be added!

Fitness Gifts

1. Hyperice Vibrating Foam Roller

This is a game changer for any athletic or active person in your life. It's a little pricey, but they will absolutely love it.

2. Garmin Forerunner 235

It's like having a motivational coach on your wrist (for me anyway). I am in love with my Garmin. I sync it to the app Strava, which keeps me accountable during my workouts. Definitely a great choice for the runner in your life.

3. Fitness & Activity Tracker

Have someone in your life that needs a bit of motivation to be more active or walk more? This is for them. It counts your steps, tells time, and even has a sedentary alert to tell you when you haven't moved enough that day.

4. S'well Water Bottle

I have a slight obsession with these. They keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. And they are super cute!

5. Foam Roller

The regular non-vibrate kind. It's extremely effective and way cheaper than the one above.

6. The Original Massage Stick

I purchased one of these at a marathon expo like 7 years ago when a guy working the booth demoed it on me. I instantly fell in love (after the pain). I've given this as a gift to many active friends throughout the years.

7. Manduka Yoga & Pilates Mat

Manduka is a big name in the yoga world and their mats are top notch. I love this brand and the color assortment provides a ton of options for the yogis (or want-to-become yogis) in your life.

8. Bose SoundSport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

I got these as a gift for my birthday this year and really like them. They are a bit large, but it doesn't bother me and the sound is fantastic. They stay put on all of my runs, which is great.

Healthy Foodie Gifts

1. Thrive Market Membership

I have been a member at Thrive since they first got started. It is amazing how much money you can save. This is seriously the perfect gift for anyone in your life who likes or needs to eat a bit healthier.

2. Vitamix

It's pricey. But you guys - it's literally the best. If I had to choose 1 healthy kitchen item that you absolutely need to have, it would be THIS. I use mine every single day.

3. Spiralizer 5-blade Vegetable Slicer

This is a game changer for the kitchen. You can make pasta out of ANYTHING. I come from a big Italian family that loves their real pasta, so don't get me wrong, I still make the real thing. But I still love my spiralizer to change it up every now and then.

4. Instant Pot

This is super popular right now...and for good reason. It combines 7 kitchen appliances in 1 and prepares dishes up to 70% faster. It makes a great gift for sure.

5. Soda Stream

I have a slight obsession with sparkling water. I also use sparkling water as a way to help my clients ween off soda. I spend a ton of money on sparkling water each year and plan to purchase on of these myself very soon (unless I get one for Christmas....hint hint). :)

6. Crockpot

Ok so this might not be the fanciest gift, but I got this for Christmas last year and seriously loved it. I had been wanting one and for some reason just never bought it. Now...I don't know what I'd do without it.

7. Kombucha Brewing Kit

For the Kombucha lover in your life. At $3-$5 per drink, it can get quite pricey to drink Kombucha regularly. This makes a really great gift.

8. Handheld Milk Frother

I love this thing! It froths up all types of milk, including almond, coconut, hemp, and soy. I still love my Starbucks drink, but it is really nice to be able to steam some milk myself for my coffees and teas. I'd definitely give this as a gift.

9. Easy Salad & Vegetable Washer

If you are not using a salad spinner after washing your veggies, you are totally missing out. This thing takes your salad from a wet and soggy mess to a crispy, yummy bowl of goodness. Anyone who cooks, particularly salads, will love this thing.

Other Healthy Gifts

1. Shiatsu Pillow Massager

This thing is amazing. Read the product reviews and see for yourself. And it is such a good gift for so many different people on your list.

2. Tea Infusers - 4 pack

I got this as a gift a few years ago and use mine almost every night to make my tea. Pair this with a tin of loose leaf tea for the ideal healthy gift for someone.

3. Bliss Essential Oils

There are a ton of different essential oils out there right now, so this is just one option. I admittedly don't know a ton about the specific health benefits, but I use lavender essential oil most nights and I swear it helps me sleep better. This set would make a great starter gift.

4. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

This is the one I use and it works great. You can pair this with the essential oils above for the perfect gift.

5. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster

I love this stuff. I got it as a gift to myself as part of a skincare routine set (the first one I've ever used). My skin has seriously never been softer. I personally pair this with the moisturizer and use the face wash before application, but just this alone would make a great gift.

6. Verilux Happy Light

This is a white light therapy tablet and while I don't need one in California, I would absolutely have one if I still lived in Michigan...where the sun doesn't shine for months in the winter. It would also be a great gift for someone who spends long hours indoors in and office or home.

7. Himalayan Salt Lamp

I seriously love salt lamps. I don't know why, but every time I see one, I can't help but just stare at it like I'm mesmerized or something. They are really beautiful and calming when turned on. It's a great gift idea.

8. Glass Tea Kettle

We bought one of these about 8 months ago to try out. I had always just used tea kettles on the stove and didn't really think it was necessary. I was so wrong. I am in love with this thing and use mine 2x/day for coffee and tea. Check it out.

9. Soy Wax Candles

This is a great gift for the candle lovers in your life! Can we all agree that we should be making the switch to soy-based candles? I know they are more expensive, but isn't the cleaner air and fewer toxins than traditional candles emit worth it? Yes!

Books to Inspire

I am a huge fan of giving books as gifts. To me, books and the ideas that come from them, are like the gifts that keeps on giving. They aren't too expensive, you can personalize them, they force people to encounter new ideas, and there is literally a book out there for anyone. Here are some of my favorites in the personal growth and health space:

1. Mindset - Carol Dweck, Ph.D

2. Getting Real - Susan Campbell, Ph.D

3. How to Win Friends & Influence People - Dale Carnegie

4. The 4-Hour Workweek - Tim Ferris

5. Failing Forward - John C. Maxwell

6. The Hormone Cure - Sara Gottfried, MD

7. A Mind of Your Own - Kelly Brogan, MD

8. Sleep Smarter - Shawn Stevenson

9. Option B - Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant

10. Unshakeable - Tony Robbins

I hope this list gives you a lot of great ideas for healthy gifts this year. I wish you a wonderful, fun-filled holiday season with friends and family! Again, let me know in the comments if you think of anything that should be added!

<3 Jessica


Quick disclaimer: Some of the links on this post are affiliate links. This means that I will get a small commission if you purchase. This is at no cost to you, but please do not feel obligated to purchase through my link. Thanks! <3

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